How it's work

Operation of Fonoteca Zoológica

1) Fonoteca Zoológica is a DEPOSITORY of audio recordings of animal species. The purpose of its two collections “Published recordings”, and “FZ Sound collection” is to make sound files available for scientific research through an indexed database and to safely keep the sounds included in the collections. Both collections are stored and backed up in digital format which allows fast copying of the files and thus ensures a facile adaptation to the development of future formats of data storage.

2) Fonoteca Zoológica is a NEXUS between nature recordists and potential users of recordings.

a. Fonoteca Zoológica is part of the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid, one of the research centres of the “Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas”, an official public institution of the government of Spain.

b. Fonoteca Zoológica does not purchase or sell sounds or sound files but can act as server of sounds if the autor of the recordings authorizes the release of the sounds deposited.

c. The sounds included in the collection “Published Recordings” will not be made available “via web” or sent without the written consent of the owner of their copyright.

d. The sounds included in the collection “Published Recordings” will be available for study in the bioacoustics laboratory of the Fonoteca Zoológica where no illegal duplication of recordings will be allowed.

e. The sounds deposited in the collection “FZ Sound Collection”will be made available to researchers from recognized research institutions under the agreement that the duplication and use of the recording will be limited to research, and that it will be used for no other goals without the consent from the owner of the copyright.

f. The depositors of sounds in the collection “FZ Sound Collection” will always be the original authors of the recordings.

g. The depositors of sounds in the collection “FZ Sound Collection” may establish additional limitations to the circulation of some or all deposited sounds (“limited time copyrights or other arrangements).


How can original recordings be deposited in Fonoteca Zoológica?

Just contact the person in charge of the collections (

What format recordings are accepted for deposit in “FZ Sound Collection”?

Fonoteca Zoológica accepts all kinds of animal sound recordings in analog or digital

format, although we give priority to non-compressed formats. Except for special cases, the digitizing of all analog recordings is completed within the premises of Fonoteca Zoológica.

How can I tell if a published record, CD or cassette is included in the collection of “Published Recordings” of Fonoteca Zoológica?

In “Advanced Search” you can search the indexed records by title or other fields. In addition, at the bottom of the page is a link to a document that lists all the volumes that are not indexed yet.

How can I add a published record, CD or cassette to the collection of Fonoteca Zoológica?

Just contact the person in charge of the collections ( The published volumes donated by their authors will be given priority in the indexing process.

Which taxonomic criteria are used for the indexation of species recordings?

Taxa above species level are assigned based on the following sources:

Animal Diversity Web

The Internet Bird Collection

Sociedad Española de Ornitología

Amphibian Species of the World

Amphibia Web

In “Published Recordings”the scientific species name included in the publication is always included in the record. If the authors omit the scientific name (and only provide the common name) or if the name has changed through taxonomic recvisions a tentative scientific assignement is provided by FZ staff for indexing.

How can I report an error or correct the information provided for a recording?

Just contact the person in charge of the collections (