Scientific collection of Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Madrid

Fonoteca Zoológica is a scientific collection of animal sounds. It was created in 2002 by Dr. Rafael Márquez, CSIC researcher, with the aim of supporting the study of acoustic communication in animals.

Throughout these years, the team members efforts along with the help pf colaborators and volunteers have made possible that the collection includes more than 55.000 sound recordings belonging to more than 12.000 different species, which make Fonoteca Zoológica a valuable tool in animal behaviour, Ecology, Sistematics and Conservation studies.

This scientific collection is available in FonoZoo.com, where it is devided into two section: FZ Sound Collection and Published Collection.

Published collection includes a great number of comercial sound animal guides published all over the world, while FZ Sound Collection consist of scientifics original recordings, from the museum and other colaborators.

Fonoteca Zoológica plays two main roles:

1.- Animal recordings STORAGE for scientific purposes.

The aim is to file animal recordings in digital format, which permits an easy transformation to new data storage formats so as to guarantee its permanence in time.

2.- Information LINK between natural sounds recordist and potencial users.

Its objetive is to file animal recordings available to the scientific community through an indexing system.

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