Cicadas from Portugal: The sound of Summer.
(José Alberto Quartau)

  • Cicada barbara

    Surely most people have already heard cicadas in the hottest hours of summer, but perhaps few have ever seen them.

    They are essentially tropical insects (Hemiptera, Cicadoidea), being also frequent in the Mediterranean area. Thirteen distinct species are confirmed as occurring in Portugal, although there is still little information on some, namely on their distribution.

    (Text by J.A.Quartau/2019)

    In FonoZoo together with Dr. José Alberto Quartau we will make a tour through the different species and their curiosities, enjoying the sounds of these spectacular insects.

    To know the generalities about the Portuguese Cicadas and listen to their sounds, click here.
    We will add a one different species periodically.

New: sound environments of famous places.

  • Cigarral de Menores

    Cigarral de Menores


    In we begin the publication of ambience of famous places in Cigarral de Menores de Toledo occasion of the publication of the book “Memorias del Cigarral 1552-2015”, Editorial Taurus Gregorio Marañón and Bertran de Lis ( )

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