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Species: Dendropsophus rubicundulus
Genus: Dendropsophus
Family: Hylidae
Order: Anura
Class: Amphibia

Title: Interactive Guide to the Anuran Amphibians from the Cerrado, Campo rupestre & Pantanal.
Year of publication: 2007
Editor: Luís Felipe Toledo, Jão G. R. Giovanelli, Luís O.M. Giasson, Cynthia P.A. Prado, Lorena D.Guimarães, Rogério P. Bastos e Célio F.B. Hadda
Post: Authors
Track: 18
Publisher: Editora Neotrópica Ltda Rua Henrique Monteiro, 90 - 13º andar Cep: 05423-020 - Pinheiros - SP Tel: (11) 3815-1452 // Luis Felipe Toledo: Museu de Zoologia "Prof. Adão José Cardoso" Fonoteca Neotropical "Jacques Vielliard" Instituto de Biologia (IB) Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP) Caixa Postal 6109, CEP 13083-970 Lab: (19) 3521-6385 / 3521-6386 Cel: (11) 9196-9970 / (19) 9700-7511 Skype: lfelipetoledo
Length: 0:00:26
Author of recording: Rogério P Bastos
Location: Brasil:Silvãnia, Goiás
Observations: Males call from herbaceous or shrub vegetation around ponds or swamps in open habitats
Call Type: Advertisement call
Fonozoo Ref.: 1181


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