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Bimonthly podcast of the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (MNCN-CSIC) with which, through a narrative approach and tone, we want to make the museum known through stories aimed at all audiences. Each episode, which will have a maximum duration of 10 minutes, will deal with a theme: the collections, the exhibitions or the research we carry out. It will also include an agenda to highlight some of our events and a sound of nature that closes each program.

With the collaboration of sounds from Fonoteca Zoológica.

-Cómo se comunican los animales, con Gonzalo M. Rodríguez. Ciencia para leer.
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The social life of the animal world is full of curious and surprising events. There are some species that are always honest in their messages and others that lie to get food, or to get rid of predators. Sometimes movements, gestures and sounds are enough to survive, but, at other times, it is necessary to deploy very risky strategies in order to get food and a mate. We talk about nightingales, frogs, whales, lizards, ants and bees with Gonzalo M. Rodríguez, expert in animal behavior and author of Cómo se comunican los animales (CSIC-Catarata).

With the collaboration of sounds from Fonoteca Zoológica.

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Sound Samples

Rhinella marina  
FZ sound collection
José Manuel Padial
Ptychohyla hypomykter  
FZ sound collection
W. E. Duellman
Mantidactylus sp. aff. albofrenatus  
The astinishing calls of the frogs of Betampona
Rana dalmatina  
Guía Sonora de las Ranas y Sapos de España y Portugal