Dr. Miguel Vences

Assistant Professor, Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem
Dynamics, University of Amsterdam. Works on systematics and
evolutionary biology of amphibians, and on the biogeography of the
Madagascan region.

Contributed his recordings of Madagascan anurans, most of them
recorded in collaboration with Dr. Frank Glaw.

Selected publications:

Glaw, F. & M. Vences (1994): A fieldguide to the amphibians and
reptiles of Madagascar. Second edition, including mammals and
freshwater fish. - Köln, Vences & Glaw, 480 pp., 48 colour plates.

Vences, M., F. Glaw & W. Böhme (1999): A review of the genus Mantella
(Anura, Ranidae, Mantellinae): taxonomy, distribution and
conservation of Malagasy poison frogs. - Alytes 17 (1-2): 3-72.

Vences, M., D. R. Vieites, F. Glaw, H. Brinkmann, J. Kosuch, M. Veith
& A. Meyer (2003): Multiple overseas dispersal in amphibians. -
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 270: 2435-2442.

Vences, M. & F. Glaw (2004): Revision of the subgenus Chonomantis
(Anura: Mantellidae: Mantidactylus) from Madagascar, with description
of two new species. - Journal of Natural History 38: 77-118.

Vieites, D. R., S. Nieto-Román, M. Barluenga, A. Palanca, M. Vences & A. Meyer (2004): Post-mating clutch piracy in an amphibian. - Nature. 431: 305-308.

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