Balinese frog calls (and other natural sounds)

Ejemplos de llamadas de anuros de Bali y otros sonidos naturales.

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when molested, this huge beetle,
in the subfamily Coprinae
emitted this loud distress noise

(Release call)


Bufo melanostictus
Schneider, 1979,

is a bufonid with an extremely wide distribution that covers most of SE Asia, from India to the islands of Bali and Sulawesi, it is normally found in human habitats throughout its distributional range.
Recordings obtained in Nusa Dua.

Bufo biporcatus
Gravenhorst, 1829,

is another bufonid species occurring in Sumatra, Sulawesi, Java, and Bali.
Its habitat is primary and secondary forest although in Bali and Lombok it also occurs in human habitats. Recordings were obtained in temple with pools in Tirtagganga.

Fejervarya limnocharis

Gravenhorst, 1829,

is a ranid frog that is widely distributed from India to Indonesia and to Japan.
It is normally found in paddy fields and grasslands, generally at low altitude. Recordings were obtained in a temporary puddle in West Bali National Park.

Rana chalconota
Schlegel, 1837,

is a small ranid species that inhabits southern Sumatra, Java, and Bali, is always associated with bodies of stagnant or nearly stagnant water, where individuals can be found perching on the vegetation surrounding the pond or in the pond on leaves of lotus or water hyacinths.
Recordings were obtained in a garden fountain in Tirtagganga.

Occidozyga sumatrana
Peters, 1877,

another ranid frog, occurs in Bali, the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo, and perhaps Indochina. The animals are normally found in puddles in the forest or in
secondary clearings, never in large numbers. Recorded in in a paddy field in Tirtagganga.

Polypedates leucomystax
Gravenhorst, 1829,

is a rhacophorid frog with an extremely wide
distribution throughout SE Asia.
It occurs in India, southern China, Indochina,
Philippines, and some islands of Indonesia including Bali. It is frequently found
among low vegetation or around marshes and secondary clearings. This species often
approaches human habitation, attracted by insects around lamps. Recordings were obtained in Nusa Dua (urban garden) and in West Bali National Park

Oriolus chinensis

a melodious beautiful common cage bird in Bali

Hemidactylus frenatus

the house gecko, is a little clicking gecko, commonly seen at night, locally known as chick-chack gecko

Gecko gecko

Linnaeus, 1758,

This large gecko known as Tokay gecko is possibly the loudest call of all the reptiles, emitting its call sporadically at dusk or at night.
It is found often in gardens and roofs.
Recorded in Tirtagganga.

Eutropis multifasciata

A beautiful little skink observed near the shore of Nusa Dua  (did not emit any noises, though)

Gamelán Bali

Traditional religious music of Bali.
Recorded at the water Palace in Tirtagganga.

Unknown frog chorus

Recorded in West Bali
(Bali Barat) National Park.