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Species: Heterixalus luteostriatus
Genus: Heterixalus
Family: Hyperoliidae
Order: Anura
Class: Amphibia

Title: The calls of the frogs of Madagascar. CD 3
Year of publication: 2006
Editor: Miguel Vences, Frank Glaw & Rafael Márquez
Post: Editors
Isbn: 84-609-8402-8
Track: 09
Publisher: ALOSA, Sonidos de la NaturalezaApartado de Correos 9259E-08080 BarcelonaTel: 93 424 19
Length: 0:00:30
Author of recording: Frank Glaw & Miguel Vences
Location: Madagascar: near Ranohira, Isalo National Park
Observations: Cuts 1& 2. This species furthermore also has a long second note type which can be heard between the two calls in cut 2, which sounds similar to the call emitted by the species of the Heterixalus madagascariensis complex.
Fonozoo Ref.: 851


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