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Species: Spinomantis aff. bertini
Genus: Spinomantis
Family: Mantellidae
Order: Anura
Class: Amphibia

Title: The calls of the frogs of Madagascar. CD 2
Year of publication: 2006
Editor: Miguel Vences, Frank Glaw & Rafael Márquez
Post: Editors
Isbn: 84-609-8402-8
Track: 58
Publisher: ALOSA, Sonidos de la Naturaleza Apartado de Correos 9259 E-08080 Barcelona Tel: 93 424 19 65
Length: 0:00:05
Author of recording: Miguel Vences & I. De la Riva
Location: Madagascar: Ranomafana National Park
Observations: Cut 1. Recorded at 16-17 h. This population has a strong diferentiation in calls and DNA sequences to the ones from Andohahela National Park. Filtered section of cut 2 (bandpass 3000-6000 Hz)
Call Type: Call
Info. on recorded individual:
Fonozoo Ref.: 850


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