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Species: Gephyromantis sp. aff. leucomaculatus
Genus: Gephyromantis
Family: Mantellidae
Order: Anura
Class: Amphibia

Title: The astinishing calls of the frogs of Betampona
Year of publication: 2011
Editor: Gonçalo M. Rosa, Rafael Márquez, Franco Andreone
Post: Editors
Isbn: 978-88-86041-99-7
Track: 20
Publisher: Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali di Torino
Length: 0:02:41
Author of recording: Gonçalo M. Rosa
Location: Fontsimavo, Madagascar
Observations: Cut 1. Recorded in Fontsimavo on the 5/12/2007 at 21:00, air at 22ºC. Corte 2. Recorded in Sahambendranaon thel 7/11/2007 at 20:35, air at 22ºC. Corte 3. Recorded in Sahbefoza on the 28/10/2007 at 18:45, air at 19ºC
Fonozoo Ref.: 1201


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