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Especie: Odorrana swinhoana
Género: Odorrana
Familia: Ranidae
Órden: Anura
Clase: Amphibia

Título: Songs of the frogs of Taiwan
Año de publicación: 2009
Editor: Yannick Dauby
Cargo: Autores
Track: 14
Editorial: Atelier Hui-Kan and Kalerne Editions www.kalerne.net
Duración: 0:03:36
Autor de la grabación: Yannick Dauby
Localidad: Taipei County: Taiwan
Observaciones: Swinhoe's Frog. This specie was named in homage to Robert Swinhoe, a victorian naturalist who described many animal species in Asia. Its song is probably the most surprising amongst Taiwan´s frogs. Because it chirps like a bird. Its favoutite living habitat is torrents and waterfalls, all places with clear and active water. Its song evolved into this very short, intense call, usualy separated by 15-25 seconds length silences. All the energy of the voice is concentrated in these high-pitched sounds, probably the only way to communicate in the noisy environments like in the first sequence (from 00:00 to 0:28). Fortunately, one can occasionally meet them in quieter brooks (from 00:28 to 03:01). These two sequences were recorded near Hapen river, Tapei County, 12.12.2007. The last sequence presents what is described as the “distress call” of the frog. Most of the frogs have such kind of sound which they produce only when caught by a predator. Don´t worry, in this case, the frog was safely released after it complained! Recorded in Tucheng, Tapei County. 21.03.2009 (from 03:02 to 03:36). Photo on the next page.
Posición: 1021


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