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Especie: Rhacophorus moltrechti
Género: Rhacophorus
Familia: Rhacophoridae
Órden: Anura
Clase: Amphibia

Título: Songs of the frogs of Taiwan
Año de publicación: 2009
Editor: Yannick Dauby
Cargo: Autores
Track: 13
Editorial: Atelier Hui-Kan and Kalerne Editions www.kalerne.net
Duración: 0:06:55
Autor de la grabación: Yannick Dauby
Localidad: Chiayi and Taihe, Chiayi County: Taiwan
Observaciones: Moltrecht's Treefrog. My favourite frog song in Taiwan ! The story started in the mountains of Dona, Kaoshiung County in august 2005. At noon, while the cicadas Cryptotympana takasogona were singing loudly, I heard four or five times a surprising sound. I could only record a bit then the hidden animal kept silnt (from 00:00 to 00:20). One year later, Professor Yang Yi-Ru introduced me to this fascinating endemic treefrog, which is easily recognizable with its reddish pants. Here are two individuals calling each other, one of them being in a canalization, recordedin Taroko, Hualien County, 22.03.2007 (from 00:21 to 01:20), a group calling on a road between Chiayi and Taihe, Chiayi County, 20.02.2009 (from 01:20 to 03:19). The last sequence correspond of the chorus produced bu the males gathered in the same area and then calling the females, recorded in Meifeng, Taichung County, 20.03.2007 ( from 03:19 to 05:55.)
Posición: 1021


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