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Especie: Fejervarya limnocharis
Género: Fejervarya
Familia: Dicroglossidae
Órden: Anura
Clase: Amphibia

Título: Songs of the frogs of Taiwan
Año de publicación: 2009
Editor: Yannick Dauby
Cargo: Autores
Track: 08
Editorial: Atelier Hui-Kan and Kalerne Editions www.kalerne.net
Duración: 0:04:56
Autor de la grabación: Yannick Dauby
Localidad: Yuanlin, Changhua County : Taiwan
Observaciones: Indian Ricefield Frog. People living in the countryside knows very well itsloud repetitive choruses coming from the ricefields, sometimes disturbing one´s sleep. this frog song is broadly herd from India to Japan. This track start with an extract of such common situation (from 00:00 to 01:16), but is followed by a less known Ricefield Frog´s song. When an individual is isolated, he will produce a serie of varied sounds, inviting other males to form a chorus in order to attract the females. A kind of solo... Recorded in Yuanlinm Changhua County, 10.09.2006 (from 01:16 to 04:56).
Posición: 1021


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