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Especie: Rhacophorus taipeianus
Género: Rhacophorus
Familia: Rhacophoridae
Órden: Anura
Clase: Amphibia

Título: Songs of the frogs of Taiwan
Año de publicación: 2009
Editor: Yannick Dauby
Cargo: Autores
Track: 07
Editorial: Atelier Hui-Kan and Kalerne Editions www.kalerne.net
Duración: 0:06:57
Autor de la grabación: Yannick Dauby
Localidad: Wulai, Taipei County : Taiwan
Observaciones: Taipei Treefrog. These sounds can be heard only in lhe Northen part of Taiwan. And not in Spring or Summer like most of the amphibians, but in Winter time, during its reproduction period. Maybe this endemic treefrog adapted in order to avoid its main predatory, the snakes? Of maybe is it a matter of temperature and humidity required for the reproduction? The first sequence provides the calls of an individual (from 00:00 to 01:32) recorded in Wulai, Taipei county, 29.12.2007. The second sequence (from 01:32 to 06:00) is a chorus. Followed by a third sequence (from 06:00 la 06:57) which presents an unusual sound, a male complaining with a “releasing call” because it has been taken for a femaIe by another male. The second and third sequences were recorded in Taipei city´s most surprising garden and natural protected area, the Fuyang Eco Park, 19.12.2007.
Posición: 1021


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