Raúl de Góngora Núñez


2º Degree of Image and sound (specialty in photographic image and cinematography) skilled in CICI (Commercial and Industrial Training center) COU. Attended in the institute Ortega and Gasset. Solfeo, song, Ortofonía and vocal technique with professors D. Jesus Alardeen and Robert Jeantal during 3 Ofimática years in the Fashion company Phase. Programs Access and World Perfect intensive Course of computer science musical production and recording of professional digital sound


- Installer of spending machines of digging (Champamátic Company) 1984-85
- Changes 1985-86
- artistic Performances from 1986-1997, and under the hiring of the company Hook Management and record company DRO record, 1987-1990. as of 1993-95 under the direction of the agency of management Tour Witches of PRODACSA
- Representing artistic for the last agency previously described between 1995-96
- Education of Ortofonía, song and vocal technique. 1997-2000
- musical Coordination in TVAM for the program of Terelu Fields 1997-98
- Direction of artistic agency Open Music pertaining to Fashion Phase 1998-1999
- Professor of song, vocal technique and Ortofonía in the musical training center Made the rounds of Getafe during year 2000 - record Production, musical composition and interpretation from 1986 and member of the SGAE (General Society of Authors) from this date to today, and from 1987 Member of AIE (Association of Interpreters and Executants) ACAM (Association of Composers and Musical Authors) ACAMU (Academy of Sciences and the Arts of Music). Founder and president of AEMUVOZ (Association of Musical Educators of the Voice)