Germán Chávez

German Chavez is a Peruvian Herpetologist who has focused his research on taxonomy and biogeography of the Peruvian herpetofauna. Over the last years, he has published research on Andean lizards of the family Gymnophtalmidae (Proctopotus, Euspondylus, Potamites) as well as Anurans, especially directly developing anurans (Pristimantis, Phrynopus) from the Andes and Amazonia. He is currently working on solving the taxonomic knots that still remain in these groups, as well as on the description of new species of amphibians and reptiles.

Instituto Peruano de Herpetología (IPH)
División de Herpetología - CORBIDI
whatsapp: +44 7787226153
28 Sackville Road, Sheffield
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